The Purium Compensation Plan


Because We Manufacture Our Own Products,
We Can Pay Out More to You!

The concept is really simple and really important. There are no middlemen in our farm-to-family business model, which means we make more money and so do you. And as we grow, our efficiencies will become even greater. So you can be assured that we will be adding, not subtracting, bonuses as we move forward.

Earn Up to 64 Additional Paychecks This Year!

Most compensation plans pay monthly OR weekly. The Purium Compensation Plan pays monthly AND weekly. That’s 64 opportunities for you to earn income.

Get Into Profit Fast!

In most compensation plans, if you enroll 3 people your commissions don’t equal the amount that you paid to get started. In other words, even if you enroll 3 people you are still losing money. A handful of companies are making a lot of noise saying “enroll 3 and yours is free.” In other words, you have broken even in these companies when you enroll 3 people. With Purium, you can enroll 3 people with Gold Packs and not only earn your money back, but have hundreds and hundreds of dollars in your pocket! In business, this is called a fast “return on investment” or “ROI” … and Purium might have the fastest ROI of all 20,000 network marketing companies operating in the US today. By putting a lot of money in the front of the compensation plan, we know that we lower the perceived risk in starting a Purium Distributorship … and once people get into profit, they have no reason to leave!

Leverage is the Key to Long-Term Wealth!

The Purium Compensation Plan is based on a Unilevel System, which means you get paid on EVERY Customer and EVERY Distributor you enroll – plus you can earn income on their Customers and Distributors … and their Customers and Distributors … through an infinite number of levels! Yes, you can potentially earn income on an order placed 50 levels below you!

Duplication is the Key to Leverage!

Because of our low prices, it is much easier to acquire Customers and because of our Gift Card Marketing System it is much easier for your new Distributors to duplicate and enroll others. More Customers and more Distributors mean more volume and more income. It’s that simple. We have a lucrative plan that is easy to duplicate with no “Gotchas!”

Click here to listen to the 3-minute overview of our Compensation Plan

Here are a few highlights of the Purium Compensation Plan:

  • Higher payout because we manufacture the products
  • Weekly AND Monthly Pay – 64 earning periods
  • Get into profit fast
  • 30% Retail Bonus for Members and 45% for Health Professionals (Paid Weekly)
  • 36% Unilevel Bonuses (8 levels)
  • 25% First Order Bonus (Paid Weekly)
  • 10% Matching Bonus on EVERY person you enroll
  • 2% Recruiting Pool (Paid Weekly)
  • 3% Consultant-Creator Pool
  • 4% Diamond Pool
  • 4% Infinity Bonuses
  • Lifestyle Bonuses of $300, $600, $1,200 & $2,500 per month (higher than any car bonus)
  • Some of the LOWEST rank advancement requirements in the industry
  • The SIMPLEST structure for qualifications in the industry


It’s the Perfect Storm! Call Tony Today To Start Making Money Promoting Healthy Weight Loss! 619-823-3405


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